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Receive tips, techniques and inspiration to enhance your career as a professional software tester!

Being an analyst by nature, I plan and strategize constantly – hunting for errors and inefficiencies in systems. Not just in software, but in everyday activities:


  • What’s the most efficient route for today’s errands?
  • How much time (accounting for weather, traffic, time of day, and mode of transportation) will it take to get to that 5:00pm appointment (plus or minus an estimated margin of error)?
  • Since we have to deliver this new release containing 10 revised and 2 new programs in 5 weeks, what’s the most efficient test plan to ensure we catch 90% of the defects before delivery?


If you can identify with that thought process then you have the potential to be a good software tester, maybe a great one.


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  • Learn test strategies.
  • Find out what works and doesn’t work based on tried and true methods.
  • Use what you read to fuel your own passion for creating unique, innovative strategies of your own.


Maybe you’ll decide software testing isn’t for you. Or, maybe you’ll discover you were born to be a software tester.


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